Healthy Tips To Promote A Fit And Trim Workplace

With all the hustle and bustle in the corporate world, employees often forget to take care of their own well-being and health. According to a study, workplace well-being programs are critical for employees in the UAE, and about 81% agree that initiatives like these are essential when comparing employment opportunities.

Surprisingly 85% of Millennials who will be making up a huge part of the workforce in the coming years supported the idea too. Health and well-being at the workplace coaching need to consider an important aspect of workplaces similar to soft skills and financial training.

Promote wellness in Dubai based workplace

Similar to trainers that train employees regarding different skills, it’s essential to devise effective plans and strategies to help mentor employees and employers regarding the many benefits of staying healthy and how it enhances productivity.

The article highlights easy practices that can ensure that employees stay healthy during their tenure.

How to promote wellness in the workplace

Health isn't just about being physically within the specified weight limit; it's about being emotionally and mentally well enough to provide at-work productivity. Workplace practices need to be organized along with coaching sessions for health and wellbeing to encourage employees. 

Read on to know tips which can help create a healthy work environment for employees.

Provide healthy snacks

Organizations in the UAE are multicultural. Where some offer a pre-planned menu for the week, others encourage employees to get their lunches from home.  Those who do neither tend to dine out in nearby restaurants. Regardless of the food choices they make, it's essential to ensure that the food consumed is not only healthy but beneficial for employees’ productivity.

Proteins and fibers along with fresh salads and vegetables are always safer options employees can choose, regardless of where they dine. 

Restrict smoking positively

The employee workforce may contain both smokers and non-smokers. And neither should impose on the other. Since smoking isn't a healthy habit, organizations should restrict smoking using different ways. For instance, fostering the habit of nicotine gums among the smokers can help you considerably.

In addition, it's important to conduct health coaching to create awareness in the teams regarding the dangers and risks associated with smoking.

Encourage physical activities

Whether it’s bi-weekly football games or a break every day to allow them to hit the gym, employees should be encouraged to stay in touch with exercise. Many business organizations initiate sports matches to keep their workforce actively involved in healthy activities. 

When they feel good about themselves, employees will focus on producing quality work, ensuring increased productivity at the workplace! So, organizations should not overlook the importance of team building activities for motivating the employees to take part in a wide variety of assignments for learning. 

Work on the mental health of employees

It’s not just physical exercise that the employees need. The mind needs to de-stress too. In a corporate work environment that’s dynamic, mental health may often be ignored. Mental health and emotional coaching and mentoring are essential and should be invested in by organizations.

For this reason, Jigsaw discovery tools are getting higher popularity. The techniques are used to trigger mental capacities of the employees in figuring out the possible solutions for easy-to-complex puzzles and match making activities. 

How training helps in creating a healthy workplace

Employees do know that healthy living may be more productive for the workplace and the efforts being put into work. However, they may not feel encouraged or compelled to indulge in any activities essential for their wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. 

Therefore, it is imperative for the organizations to ensure a rigorous program for promoting healthy lifestyle at workplace. So, plans can be devised to keep the employees involved in day-to-day coaching for personal grooming. But, this is not enough. 

The reason is that over the time, employees become use to the advice session and mentoring. They may take it for granted. This is where effective training comes into play! 

Many dynamic organizations already understand the value of hiring third-party training services providers to ensure personality grooming and professional skills enhancement to maintain well-equipped and healthy workforce. 

No doubt, the best training programs focus meticulously on individuals and work on them to instill in them the need to work and perform better. So, don’t forget to acquire the services of training companies in Dubai or look for appropriate mentoring options near you to reap the benefits of smart and active workforce for ultimate business progress. 

Take away!

Healthy employees are productive employees! Health and wellbeing remain an essential part of workday and workplace environments. It's up to the best trainers and coaches to coach your employees regarding the importance of a healthy balance. 

Knowing that the organization needs them and their skills, they feel encouraged to perform better and create a healthier lifestyle for themselves, fulfilling the aim of the training sessions! Use some tips mentioned above to help you out in creating a fit workforce; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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