Top 5 Training Technology Trends In Employees Learning And Development

“The main objective of the employees training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body and polishes the spirit” It is rightly said and accurately implemented in the corporate sector.

Technological advancement is taking the world by storm in several ways. It has transformed everything from eating to sleeping, from leisure to the work. However, when it comes to the skills development of employees, technology does not replace the trainers but it helps them to be transformational. 

As the New Year 2019 has already been started, people are still searching for latest technology in training and development trends. The previous year was strong focusing toward micro-learning techniques for enhancing skills among employees.

In this quest of learning that how technology is impacting corporate training platform, a recent survey conducted by the Microsoft 2015.

latest training and development trends

The survey focused to observe the attention time span of human beings that was estimated as 8 seconds only. Further, it has been revealed that besides the highly developed countries like USA, Russia, Canada and various corporate training organizations in Dubai are actively using modern means of technology. 

Corporate Training Technology Trends to Watch in the Year 2019

As the technological advancement accelerates digitization in the world, people are looking for modern ways to train their employees. A few astonishing training technology trends are as given below:

VR and AR Technology

The future of training technology is literally cool! Holograms and related stuff are becoming the famous trends. The advent of virtual reality has changed the individual’s viewpoint about reality. It is highly liked by the employees because they can actually experience a business scenario rather just watching it in videos. 

The technology has helped the trainers to introduce practical learning based on VR and AR applications. The importance of this technology cannot be denied owing to the risk-free facilitation of hands-on learning. 

Digital Twins for skills development and training: IoT

The concept of digital twins is referred to a technology that is comprised of two main components: digital and physical parts.  It is based on the IoT computing where the things are made efficient and smart to help the people. 

In occupational training, the use of digital twins is getting popularity owing to its intelligent tools and specialized machinery. Just consider a tech gadget which observes everything throughout the training session and generate a report at the end. It will help the trainers to get a better insight of the learning outcomes and potential room for improved corporate training programs. 

Smart Apps for Professional Training – Artificial Intelligence

The world is getter smarter by every passing day with the help of smart devices and intelligent applications. Now it is possible to even training sessions online. Various digital apps are available in the access of smartphones and other devices to meet the requirements.

Further, the recent training technology trends have created a loud buzz in the business world. Not only this, Gartner has predicted that the use of smart apps for employees training is expected to become the dire need in the coming years. 
Last but not least, learning management systems are converted to enhance responsiveness by using advanced features of Artificial Intelligence. Smart applications are a useful way of imparting training without expending extra training expenditures. It is extremely helpful for career training to accomplish the objective of skill development successfully. 

Concluding Remarks – Take Away

There is no denying the fact that workforce training endows the employees with a power of making their dreams true. Similarly, the technology is aimed at empowering people to improve their lives. So, the objectives of both are significantly interrelated. 

It is important to consider that corporate training which is giving you a high competition to the other similar organizations. It is owing to the fact that they implement and execute human potential as the most precious organizational asset. It gives them an edge in the market for training and skills development both locally and globally. 

Remember, the year 2019 is expected to see a bulge in exciting opportunities in career training and skills development. Therefore, training professional should focus on utilizing technology in the better interest of corporate sector. 

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