How to Create a Comprehensive Training Course?

It goes without doubt that nearly almost everyone has recognized the value and importance of workforce training. It is owing to the ultimate benefits which organizations obtain from hosting the training program on a regular basis.

However, it is imperative to conduct training programs properly to make the employee more productive, efficient and skilled. So, what makes a training program useful? A comprehensive training program incorporates the vision and mission of the organization into the course content naturally. 


It is the reason that successful training leads to augmented compliance with the core essence and culture of the organization.  Not only this, it mostly depends on the market and business nature also. 

For instance, training courses in Dubai may target to harmonize a diverse workforce to make them fully functional in the country of expats. The objective may differ in other countries. 

Comprehensive Guideline for Creating an Effective Training Program

So, the scope and nature of training vary considerably owing to business nature, market spectrum, targeted audience, and last but not least globalization. Therefore, designing a training program is a nerve-wrenching activity due to the complexity of matters.

Interested in designing comprehensive training to meet the requirements of your business? Want to see your workforce motivated to take an active part in a training session? Want to avoid all those elements which can ruin the training objectives?

The given steps joined together to make an easy guideline to be followed in order to create a comprehensive training course: 

Step 1: Conduct a Rapid Needs Assessment for Training

Just consider the scenario that an issue is pointed out within the organization which can potentially hinder the productivity of the workforce. And suggestion has been made to resolve the problem using a quick training course.  How will you deal the matter?

You need to make a rapid need assessment to understand the requirement, importance and scope of the issue in order to determine if a training program can actually be helpful in the situation.

The four necessary steps of assessment are as given:
  • Identify a distinguishable business goal which can be achieved through training
  • Identify a course of activities and tasks required to accomplish the goal
  • Determine the direction of activities the workforce is needed to perform during training
  • Project learning outcomes and characteristics to aid training effectiveness

Step 2: Consider Adult Learning Principles

Learning at different age groups requires proper understanding of the personal needs, learning material, additional elements and many more. Therefore, it is important to keep the principles of adult learning in mind while designing corporate training courses in Dubai.

You can conduct a survey to determine the needs and rules to assist the adults in learning new skills and improve the existing abilities. It will give you a detailed insight of the things required to be integrated into training.

A few factors contribute towards the effectiveness of training are:
  • Self-direction
  • Acquisition of new skills based on the already explored knowledge
  • Goal-orientation
  • The relevance of training content
  • Activities management and task-oriented approach
  • The aspiration for respect and self-esteem

Step 3: Develop Objectives for Learning

Before creating the training course, it is imperative to determine learning objectives. These are attainable milestones required to be accomplished with the help of training.

Every organization has its own pre-defined business goals and objectives. Therefore, a comprehensive corporate training program must incorporate the certain objectives to be achieved in order to enhance workforce productivity.

The learning objectives can be personal grooming or professional expertise related factors to be improved. Assessment of learning goals is done at the end of the training. 

Step 4: Design Training Content and Create Learning Materials

The training content is just like the menu decision for a dinner party. It is the actual thing you need to do during the training sessions. So, decide the content wisely and according to the business objectives.

Usually, when a requirement is identified with the corporation, the training is conducted to fulfill the needs. So, keep the training objectives in focus while adding or deleting any activity from the training courses. 
Consider the following to do detailed-oriented training:
  • Consider a step by step procedure
  • Always pay attention to the primary learning goals and objectives
  • Training content should be comprehensive
  • Focus the adult learning principles

Takes Away

To sum up, learning is moving forward towards the most effective position in term of productivity and personal grooming. Therefore, employees training programs in Dubai should be devised in a manner that can cater the objective efficiently.

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