Key Learning And Development Training Trends

When on the job learning is done effectively, it is beneficial for both employee and organization. Self-improvement helps personal and organizational outcomes when it is performed within the existing workspace.

The job of the learning and development department within an organization is to develop the employees’ talent and allow them to reach its full potentials. However, the scope and function of such department is different for every organizational type.

Key Learning And Development Trends

As a part of such studies, researchers have identified various key learning and development trends that are given below:

Learning Focusing On Business Results Growth:

Learning focusing on all of the business results growths sees the learning and development department of an organization to concentrate on cost-efficient and active learning that impacts the business results positively.

Such focus includes the organizational resources consumption on strategic bases, increasing innovations direction, work capability and alignment with all of the business goals.

Strategic Talent Management:

Regarding this learning and development trend, all the attraction, strategic development, retention and incorporation of expertise elite gets more attention, with those organizations that are investing in human capital that might increase the whole of the organizational performance.

Personalized Learning:

The maximum amount of learning materials and content for the learners are customized to ensure the whole of learning contents are meeting the goals of the individual, his talent and passion.

Increased Self-Direction of Learners:

Learners are motivated to be responsible for their self-Learning and development and determine their own learning methods, career paths and contents. In this regard, all the employees are held superintended for their employ-ability, transfer-ability and mobility.

The popularity of Mobile Learning:

Because of mobility and flexibility’s present needs, currently, employees are learning anytime everywhere using their mobile phones and tablets. The location and time of learning are not fixed this way.

Migration of Workplace into Learning Environment:

Organizations mostly facilitate learning in the workplace because it is becoming part of the routine organizational activities. Learning is also integrated into the processes of work with the use of learning tools and technologies that are informal.

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The Seven Critical Keys To Effective Business Writing

According to a report, employers claim that 26.2% of graduate employees lacked basic writing skills. Considering the major chunk of organizations that these companies make, it remains essential that they are trained to enhance their ability to write in the context of businesses.

Considering the corporate growth in the Gulf and UAE region, and the influence of multinational companies in the area, it is essential that the employees be skilled and well versed in the art of writing corporate and business writing.

Effective Business Writing Course

The right business writing skills are not only critical within the workplace, but they're also a critical step towards the creation of cordial business relationships.

Considering the growth of the corporate sector in the UAE and the decreasing deficiency of writing skills in the workplace, credible companies are offering business writing training courses in Dubai that can help create affluent writers out of the most deficient employees.

Seven Effective Business Writing Tips

The article below mentions some of the basic elements that are a must-have for effective business writing:

1- Know your reason for writing

The foremost aspect of business writing includes knowing why you're writing to whoever your writing too. The objectives, the audience and the goal you're trying to achieve should be clear to you.
Ensure that the way of writing should convey your message effectively but at the same time keep things cordial and not damage any corporate relationship you have with the receiver.

2- Know the reader

Whether it's a higher up or someone at the lower levels, no one has the time to waste on redundant information. So it is important to convey your message in the least possible words but most effectively. Also, it’s good to stick to business jargon when it’s someone who knows it. Skip the jargon altogether in case it's a layman!

3- Revise your work

A list of questions needs to be answered when you’re communicating in the corporate sector. Once you've drafted a message ask yourself if you’ve:
  • Made the opening clear and to the point
  • Repeated yourself too many times
  • Been clear about my purpose, etc.

4- Show, do not tell! 

It's important to be specific when you're conveying a message. A subtle reference to something may not be received as you perceive it will be. Don't get into the nitty-gritty of matters, but it's important to highlight specific issues and problems.

5- Don’t be too wordy

Business writing may be formal, but it doesn't really have to be wordy.  Trim down your passages consistently to make the message short. But don't trim it so much that it cuts down on the actual meaning of the message.

6- Don't use trite expressions

Avoid using expressions that are too trite. For example, the use of leverage and impact, think outside the box. Be direct instead and only use these expressions carefully, only if necessary.

7- Use the right tone

If you're writing to an organization, it's probably not to chat about the weather. The overall feel of your writing should possess a variation in structure to avoid any stiffness. Using courtesies like "thank you" and "we appreciate" always have a positive effect on the reader so incudes them but don't overuse them.

Importance of effective business writing courses

One might argue how writing can play an important role in business collaboration today. However, writing may be the primary way that you're doing business. In the case that your documents are well written, your business will be done well too.  And in the case of poor writing, a slew of problems related to the business may appear.

From driving effective sales to boosting your brand reputation, effective business writing can help businesses achieve success in a number of ways.

In case millennials constitute a huge chunk of your workforce today, similar to other organizations. Read about seven reasons to offer corporate training to Millennials to know how why training them can help your organization achieve success.

Take Away!

Considering the writing requirements of the corporate world today, and the numerous benefits associated with effective business writing, it’s important for your employees to learn the critical aspects of business writing. 

But don't worry! It doesn't involve your employees leaving their work to get enrolled in writing classes. Choose well-reputed training companies offering corporate training courses in Dubai that help your company build strong corporate relationships.


Reasons Listening Skills Training Is Essential For Influential Leadership

Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say-Andy Stanley
From this quote, you can comprehend the importance of listening skills when you are in any leadership position. Whenever we hear the word leadership, the first image which comes in our mind is someone who has higher authority, and position-which is partially correct. 

But the other part is that leadership can be at a different level, and there can be different tiers such as team lead, manager, and senior manager and so forth.  

Improve your listening skills with leadership training in Dubai

In other words, if you are dealing with a group of people and you are delegating the task at any level, then you are a leader. Leadership is about understanding the situations of people and make the best use of their skills.

Importance of listening skills training:

When training programs focused on leadership skills are devised, then people will tell about everything and anything but will not discuss the importance of listening skills. However, you can’t ignite the leadership among people unless and until they have listening skills.

Employees and peers want their voices to be heard, and they seek personal attention from the leaders. Thus if you want to have an influential leadership experience, then you need to upgrade your communication skills. 

When leadership training is carried out then listening skill is not one thing trainers focus on because they think it is easily understood and people already know this. Professionals who are devising leadership training in Dubai take into account this aspect and add activities which will enhance listening skills. 

Following are some of the skills which ensure the significance of listening skills training for great leadership:

Shows that your care:

When you are listening to people, then they get an idea that you care about their life. When you are a leader, then you need to have that ability to acknowledge the efforts of people. Do not take the employees as tools or resource and instead you can take them as assets for the company. 

You can definitely understand the situation if you think as a regular employee instead of authority. 

Engage with people:

When you are leading meeting, then you need to ensure that you are engaging people. This will ensure the participants that their opinion holds some sort of significance.  

What you can do is ask questions, respond properly and even at times you can add in some information.

Enhance understanding:

Working place can be a little overwhelming with stress because of the approaching deadlines, miscommunication and even because of workload.

Thus if you listen to the problems of your employee, then it will add on to your understanding of how things are working and why employees are less productive.

Curate healthy relationships:

Being in the leading position you have to create healthy relations. You can’t make everyone but at least what you can do is have a healthy relationship with your team members. Listening skill training for a leader will help them do so. 

Final remarks:

Leadership might be fascinating, but it is actually a huge responsibility. Thus if you are planning to train your leading team, then you need to start with listening skill training. Make use of top-notch leadership training to ensure that your leading team is working to their best capacity. 

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