Questions To Consider While Designing A Training Course

Employees are looking for growth and especially in terms of learning. It is the job of the companies to give them opportunities to do that. It is the investment in the workforce which will also help boost your business. Often people are enthusiastic about training that they forget to ask or consider the basics like they are not able to achieve the outcome they set out for. But what are the expected results for any training?

Designing A Training Course In Dubai

Well, there are obvious expectations when companies are investing time and resources. The expectations are boosted sales, enhanced leadership skills among employees, retention of employees and better working environment as well as the growth of the business or the company. 

3 Key Questions to Consider While a Designing Training Course:

There is no doubt that Dubai has the intensive working environment and people have busy schedules thus when you are designing a training plan then you need to be sure of all the logistics and content related stuff.

If you are even tad bit unsure then taking help from professionals working in training companies in Dubai will help you consider all aspects of training.


1. What is the role of the training?

Training is an ongoing process, so you have to understand the role of the particular training in reaching the mission or ultimate outcome. The training does not have to be just one lecture, but it can be a mix of a few other activities and learning. You just have to ensure that these training support the goals of the business or the organization.

Like you need to ask if the training approach is aligning with the mission of the company or is there a need for the modification.

2. What is the agenda for the training?

Anyone who will be attending the training will have a plan of learning and how they can get the best out of the training sessions. Thus clear and concise agenda will align the training in a particular direction making it more useful.

It is also important to consider how trainer plans to convey the agenda to the participants. The agenda should be communicated in different learning styles.

3. What are the plans for the assessment?

When you are providing the training, then it is essential to measure the effectiveness of the training program. A lot of companies just take the feedback and consider it as assessment. But believe me that is not enough.

You need to have more robust planning for the assessment like a variety of methods and how this training has affected the outcomes or the learning goals. This will also give you an idea of what can you do next to make it even better.


Training is essential but most are a failure because they are just carried out in bloom without considering the organizational or the personal goals of the employees.

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