Essential Aspects Of An Effective Millennial-Focused Training

According to research, 71% Millennials who plan to leave their organizations within the next two years are dissatisfied with how their corporate leadership skills are being developed. And approximate 60% of Millennials desire training to develop their leadership skills.

And rightly so, with approximately 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, who will be replacing them? Millennials of course! The stats mentioned are enough to highlight the importance of effective training in organizations. 

Millennial-Focused Corporate Training in Dubai

With different aspects of businesses; company perks, customer services, marketing and recruitment evolving to accommodate Millennials why should corporate training be left far behind? 

Organizations should opt for the most well-reputed service providers specializing in corporate training in Dubai to train Millenials in the corporate world! 

Important Aspects of Millennials Training

The following article highlights some important aspects of an effective employee training focused on Millennials:

Flexibility in training

Schedule flexibility remains an essential part of corporate training for Millennials. Millennials tend to favor flexibility when working and they would rather choose how and when they want to work. 

The media that most Millennials are used to Ideals in bytes and the training provided to them should be similar if not identical. Training sessions for Millennials should be brief and concise yet effective. 

Owing to the greater use of graphics in everyday projects and the availability of tools that can help design them, Millenials tend to be more attracted and pay more attention to training sessions that focus on beautiful and creative designs.  

In the absence of creative and well engaging content, Millennials may often find it hard to concentrate and consume what’s being taught to them.

Should be agile and accessible

Training sessions must have the ability to be able to cater to the next generation of corporate learners.  They should be designed in a way to let the maximum number of employees benefit from the training.

In the 21st century the employees may be working remotely, or at the office, they may have different ways and devices that they require to execute their everyday work, which is why digitally flexible nature of training to accommodate all types of employees remains an essential aspect of effective employee corporate training. 

Should be instantaneous

We live in a world where Millennials turn to their smartphones for the most minor and the most critical tasks.  Finding answers to problems is just a click away with the use of smartphones. Training should focus on providing quick learning techniques focusing on "how to" articles, videos and infographs that provide an effective methodology for Millennials to learn from.

It should be communal and collaborative

The workplace environment allows maximum learning as employees coordinate with SMEs and teammates and managers to work together.  Training sessions could include similar collaborative sessions where millennial and experienced employees can work together in teams to contribute whatever they know and whatever they have learned and helped others out as well. 

Relevant and relatable

The rate at which things change in corporate environments requires the need for continuous learning which also shows the importance of training sessions being relevant and specific to the challenges that are faced by Millennials. Content if not relevant and relatable to the employees will not have the desired effects.

Should merge technology with learning

The millennial generation is independent, but it's still dependent on digital media, which is why t is important that the training is focused on digital activities merged with real-world practical activities.

In classroom training as always been an important technique to train employees, however, the use of technological based training enhances their ability to learn.

Millennials at the workplace

According to a report, the most critical aspect Millennials consider when looking for jobs is "sufficient training," which highlights the importance of effective training sessions in the eyes of the working Millennials.

If you're an organization that has Millennials as their workforce, hire expert trainer who has the competency and the capability to provide effective training at your workplace for the Millennial employees.

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Common Training Challenges Faced By Managers

If you are running a business, then you know the importance of having training for your workers. The equation for training goes like the better you train your employee, the better you are growing and developing. So when you are trying to flourish in business in then, you just can't ignore the training aspect.

The training process might seem like a piece of cake, but in reality, it isn't. The training is not limited to one thing because different goals are going behind the scene of a training program.

Training programs are designed after the need assessment which means there is a difference between different training programs even within the same company let alone for different companies. Some companies in UAE try to approach professionals for corporate training in Dubai to give their employees great experience. 

Training Challenges

However, there is one thing which is universal to the training program, and that is challenges training manager face while organizing one. 

Training and Development Challenges

Following are some of the prominent challenges which can hinder a great training program:

Understanding the training needs:

This is the most common challenge in the training program. Training is a big word, and there are so many things which fall under thing category, so managers are not able to comprehend the elements for a training program.

Another reason is that there is so much to cover in one training program that often they end up mixing it up. Too much information can lead to confusion in so many ways. 

Finding the right trainer:

When you are doing a number of training programs, then you might be aware that it is often a challenge to figure out who is going to deliver the training program. 

Like for any given corporate training course do you employ the internal knowledge and expertise or you hire some best trainers? The question can be difficult to answer, and you can never be sure of 100% of one side.

At the end of the day, it all comes to the need and scope of the training program.

Developing the content training program:

When you are putting vital consideration on the content of the training, then the burning question is what to include in any program. The temptation is to include everything, but everything cannot be included in one go.

Most participants want to have comprehensive information which is not possible in one session so with smart moves the training program can have clear objectives. 

Generational gap:

This is a big one. In a workplace, you have people from all age group so being a manager, it can be difficult for you to come up with something which suits all generation.

This is because one thing will suit the older group but might be outdated for the newer one and vice versa. That is when there is a dire need to come up with something in between which suits everybody in one room.

Not sure how to do that? If you are based in UAE, then you can approach the corporate training  for professional insight. 

Final remarks:

When you are a preparing training program, then there are so many challenges for which the manager will come across. However, overcoming those and pulling off a really great training program is a real triumph. 

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